Parking is located in the lot at the corner of Madison and Main Street, with entrances to the lot on Madison and on Market Plaza. Parking is free. This is just across the street from the building.

My office is located at 310 W. Main Street Greenwood, IN 46142 inside the building of R. Lee Money, attorney. This is near the corner of Madison and Main Street. Please note that after 5pm, the law offices downstairs are closed and the door may be locked. If you come to the door and it is locked, please wait for me to come down and open it at your appointment time.

This is the receptionist’s desk you will see when you come in the front door. The stairs are to the right.

Bathrooms are located on the first floor only. They are midway down the hall on the right side. While they are not gender neutral, feel free to use either one.

I am located on the second floor. Please note that there is no elevator.

There is a common area with a table and chairs on the second floor where you can wait if I have not arrived for the day.

My office is Suite 201, the first office at the top of the stairs. The sign on the door will indicate if I am open for the day or closed. If I am open, come into the private waiting area.

This is the private waiting area for Concepts In Healing, LLC. Come on in and sit and relax while you wait for your appointment time.

Make yourself comfortable while you wait.

There is a radio for music while you wait.

Feel free to grab a bottle of water from the fridge.

Feel free to have a cup of coffee.

Your comfort is important to me. I want you to feel welcome.

This is my office space.

This is my office space.

This is your view. I sit in the teal chair and I type my notes on my iPad while we talk.

This is where you sit and my desk.

This is “the EMDR chair”. When doing EMDR, I most often use eye movements for the bilateral stimulation. This requires that we sit close to each other, so that you are able to comfortably see my hand movements. I have people sit in this chair, and I sit in my desk chair a couple of feet in front of the person.